You Can Never Go Wrong With Chili

Photos: Borbala Zergi

Dear Followers!

I usually don’t like to brag about my cooking skills because they’re not at all extraordinary. There’s however one recipe in my repertoire that makes me fall in love with gastronomy all over again and that is no other than chili. I know that in the US it exists in all different kinds of versions. Every household has its own way to make this dish and that’s the beautiful thing about it. I knew I made something good in the world when my American friend, Dylan praised my chili saying: “it’s better than my Mom’s… I feel like cheating my Mom in a way right now.” 😀 And that was a huge thing for me and sometimes I just want to travel back in time to hear it over and over and over again.

Chili is also a great way to spare some time in the kitchen even if you have to please numerous hungry guests and especially if the get-together is on a weekday. Because let’s be honest: it’d be a shame not to enjoy the summer warmth and the carefree outdoor dining experience just because there’s work the next day, right? So this recipe is perfect if you need to throw something together in an hour and if you want to enjoy the rest of the evening. So…without further a due, let’s get into the recipe.


What you need

-500 g ground turkey or beef

-3 cans of red beans (apx. 400 g each)

-1 can of sweet corn

-1 large onion chopped

-2 cloves of garlic

-2 large bell peppers

-1 tsp. of cinnamon

-3-4 bay leaves

-1 heaping tsp. of unsweetened cocoa powder (Dutch processed is best)

-1-2 tsp. cayenne pepper (add less or more depending on how spicy and hot you like yout chili)

-salt to taste

What you do

  1. On medium-high heat brown the onion and bell peppers until they’re golden brown. _MG_5277
  2. Add the ground meat and the spices like the cinnamon, bay leaves and cayenne pepper. Add the salt too. The goal is to brown the meat and let it become a stew-like texture. We need almost all the juices simmered away that comes out of the meat. _MG_5291
  3. When the liquid is gone, add the ground garlic and make sure it doesn’t burn, otherwise it’ll become bitter.
  4. Add the beans and the tomatoe sauce, this is also the time to add the cocoa powder. Mix well and let it simmer away on medium-low heat for about 15 mins. _MG_5301
  5. The last step is to add the corn. Make sure you remove the juice that covers the corn in the can. It’s also optional, I personally enjoy the crunchy sweetness because I found that it balances out the spicy flavours.
  6. You could serve it with toasted tortilla triangles and a heaping tbsp. of sour cream. Enjoy! _MG_5336

I really hope you’ll make this recipe and you’ll love it just as much as we do. 🙂

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Fatima _MG_5273


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