Fall-Inspired Salad Bowl With Goat Cheese and Honey Roasted Pears

Photos: Zergi Borbála

Dear Friends,

When fall comes around I always feel more creative in the kitchen. That’s one of the reasons why this salad could come alive (and because one afternoon I couldn’t really decide wether to have something salty or something sweet 🙂 ).  I just love bringing together sweet, warm and juicy fruits with salty cheeses . If we get to the eating part in time we’ll not only experience a flood of flavours but also the strange yet special sensation of cold and warm bonding together. The caramelised fruits make a perfect combo with the silky, smooth goat cheese that crumbles up like snow on top of the salad not to mention the crispy and fresh wonderfully green salad leaves that give the whole dish a nice crunch. The smoked salmon is the icing on the cake really. It just brings out the sweetness of the pear even more, creating this paradox yet very balanced combination of flavours. I’m normally not a huge fan of raw fish but smoked salmon always swipes me off my feet so I just couldn’t leave it out and honestly, it would’ve been a shame to do that. I hope you’re gonna try this recipe out! You can decide freely what ingredient you guys want to use more of. If you wanna have more cheese, use more of that. Same thing applies to the fruit and salmon. It’s totally up to you.  For the ingredient list read on! 🙂 _mg_9737



What you need:

-Mixed, vegetable salad of your choice_mg_9689

-Cherry tomatoes

-Pear (In the video I used 4)

-Goat cheese

-Honey (about 1,5 dl)

-Salt to taste (the salmon and goat cheese are already pretty salty)

-Smoked salmon (about 200 g)_mg_9693

-1 tbsp of butter

-4 tbsp of olive oil

-1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar


What you do: 

  1. Dice up the pears into little squares. I always leave the skin on. It’ll soften up and it’s yummy too.
  2. In a pan melt together the butter and honey. Heat the mixture up to a medium high heat and add the pears. Fry them until they become a golden brown colour. Be careful with the heat, they can easily burn so just pay close attention. When they’re browned and the honey-mixture is kinda syrupy, set them aside. Let them cool down a bit._mg_9714
  3. Put the salad mixture in a bowl or on a plate. Drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top._mg_9726
  4. Add the sliced salmon and crumbles of goat cheese to the salad along with the caramelised fruit. You can totally get your creativity going with this. 🙂 _mg_9733_mg_9730

And enjoy!

In the video I used a palm leaf platter for presentation which can be purchased in every Auchan supermarket in Hungary and soon in our web shop.





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