Cream Of Broccoli Soup

Photos: Borbála Zergi

Dear Friends,

I can’t make enough soup this time of the year. I love having comforting meals in the evening so much. It just makes all the difference when it comes to my mood. Broccoli tends to divide people. Some like it, some hate it. Especially kids are the ones who aren’t keen on the green roses of health. Fortunately, my Mom always found ways to prepare broccoli creatively and the dishes ended up being insanely delicious too. If you wanna give broccoli a chance or if you just simply love it, go ahead and read on for a yummy recipe. 🙂

What you need:

-The roses of 2 broccoli

-aprx. 1,5 l veggie broth

-1 red onion

-2 tsp. of butter

-1 tbsp. olive oil

-2 potatoes



-4 tbsp. of cooking cream

For the melted cheese sandwich: 

-cheddar cheese

-2 slices of whole meal toast

-butter and sour cream


What you do:

1. Heat up the butter and olive oil. Add the onions and fry them up till soft.


2. Add the broccoli and the peeled and sliced potatoes. Caramelise them till they become lightly brown but be careful because there’s a fine line between burning stuff down and caramelising them. Pay close attention and turn the heat down as soon as your veggies are a golden brown colour. 🙂


3. Add the veggie broth. Only add as much as just covers the vegetables. If you add too much broth your soup may becomes too runny. If you want a smooth and creamy texture, less is more.


4. When the veggies are soft (check with a fork) mix the soup up with an electric hand mixer.


5. Remove soup from heat and add the cooking cream. Stir until combined and you’re ready to serve this hug in a bowl. Add some grated cheddar cheese on top. It’ll melt beautifully.


6. For the sandwiches: butter two whole meal toast and add some sour cream too for extra creaminess. Add the grated cheddar cheese and melt them in a sandwich maker.


I hope you liked this recipe. Follow us on YouTube @YamaKitchen and Instagram @yamalifestyle or facebook @yamapackaging. You can purchase the compostable Yama products at Auchan supermarkets, and organic stores, soon on

Talk to you soon!





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