Dear Fellow Human,

My name is Fatima Nemeth-Hindi, cofounder of Yama, a brand committed to sustainability, ecoconsciousness and to the love for other beings. The idea of starting this business came from my Mom years ago and for that I’ll be forever grateful because she came up with something that inspires me and others but most importantly something that creates value. My mother and I along with my charming husband and 16 other honorable co-workers we proudly stand behind the name and find it important to communicate with our costumers keeping in mind that we always want to give more than a simple product. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to start this blog. Here you’ll find useful articles about “green” topics, ongoing projects and more.

We are currently working on launching our online store where you’ll be able to choose from organic, high quality food and beverages, clothes, yoga accessorise, home goods and even artpieces.  I’ll explain the philosophy behind the brand later in a more detailed post. For now,knowing that the word “Yama” comes from Yoga is enough. Practicing Yoga is in and of itself more than simply a series of excercises and humming that weird-sounding”Ohm” thingy. It’s a way of thinking, a lifestyle that revolves around the five Yamas, or with other words: disciplines that guide us towards a more balanced life. Everything we sell in our store is there to serve your well-being, and to help you live more in tune with these guidelines.

On this blog, I’d like to share with you as much useful content as possible so when you actually purchase one of our products you’ll know the story and intention behind it. This whole thing is a new adventure to us and I’d like to take you with me because it’s always better together. So hop on, hit “follow” and enjoy the ride!

P.S.: Until then, check out Yama Kitchen on Youtube, my cooking channel where I use 100% compostable cutlery to serve the yummy food and baked goods in.


Talk to you soon,






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